Help Me Write My Book!

Hello friends and followers of Jon’s Deep Thoughts.

I just wanted to first say thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the last few months. I’ve had crazy growth that I never expected and it wouldn’t have happened without the smartestQuorans in the world following me and promoting my stuff. This blog is really special for me because it lets me communicate what I am passionate about to everyone within my reach.So I really happy to announce a project I am working on. For the last several months I have been piecing together parts of a story. It’s based on one of my favorite works. Since June, I have been rewriting Jon Davis’ answer to What is the future of war? into a web book. Each month, I am planning to put out a new chapter detailing the trials and tribulations of tomorrow’s warriors as well as showcasing the actual technology that will be in use. When the project is fully finished, I want to publish it as a completed work.

But I need your help to do it. As I have detailed before, images in your writing are eye-candy. No matter how wonderful the writing, people won’t take notice in their feed if there isn’t something to wow them in that first instant. For that, I need custom artwork to showcase each chapter. For that, I have teamed up with artists to create my images, images which have high standards.
Above is the premier image for the project based off Future of War, LCpl Nathaniel Romero – 2024, by a new friend Alex. Alex is a great guy, and a real professional. Professionals cost money. This work was $80 well spent. What I want, though, are a few dozen just like it. I’m very happy that I can offer everything I write completely for free, but making quality stories takes time and resources from my pocket. Quite honestly, creating what I want is beyond my reach, by myself.
So for that, I need donations from my friends and followers. Not in the form of upvotes and shares. Those are nice, but direct support is what I need to complete the project. So for that, I’d like to ask all of you who have been a fan of my work, learned a few things from my essays and articles, enjoyed my stories or those looking forward to what is coming to donate via the social crowdsourcing platform Patreon. Patreon is a new crowdfunding platform created by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam. It allows artists to obtain funding from patrons on a recurring basis or per artwork. It is popular with musicians and webcomic artists and has been featured in Forbes, Time and Billboard. It means that every time I post a long form essay, major answer, short story or other work, your donations will be automatically donated. You choose how much you want to donate and you can set any monthly maximum you like.
If you become one of my patrons you’ll be entitled to a few special rewards others don’t. First of all, you’ll have access to a special feed for only patrons. This is a channel where I connect with only my greatest supporters. Those with access to the sponsor’s channel also get access to special patron only publications which may include bonus artwork, story behind the story postings, sneak peeks, and special updates from me. Other rewards include free ask-to-answers on any questions on Quora, membership in monthly Google Hangouts, getting a character named after you, or even a sponsor’s spot for you company at the end of every major published work. Lastly, you’ll be directly responsible for helping something really cool happen, if you donate.
So that I am clear, this is an absolutely no obligation deal. All my content is free and always will be so long as I can keep going. I’ll still keep writing, but would like your help to make sure that it lives up to something with my name on it. Also please support by upvoting, sharing and promoting content I share on this board. I’m really excited to start this new chapter in my writing and hope that all of you will join me on it. If you would like to support me directly at patreon please head to my site here:Support Jon Davis creating Short Stories in Military, Science and Life

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