What are the Advantages of Hiring a US Military Veteran? – Part V

Military people will tell you when something is wrong, even when you don’t like it, often.

I remember, more than just about anything in the military, life is punctuated with a steady stream of inspections. Almost impossibly high standards are demanded in everything from uniforms to gear. Even after getting out, the habit of a strong sense of standards runs deep. Vets have the wont of maintaining a certain level of acceptability in operations, safety, and professionalism in others. This often is directed downwards, but they also develop built in mechanisms for directing problems that are discovered upwards as well. Many that I know, also have a real problem not accepting that same level excellence in others. If a failure is present, expect the vet to let you know.

You need to understand that the military are people who have an incredible amount of responsibility, not only for “company property”, but for lives. Many seem to think that you give them an order, they say, “Sir, yes, sir!” and run off to their doom like mindless drones. It actually doesn’t work that way, and I’m sorry if that is what you want from a veteran employee. Remember, they’ve spent years earning respect and a place of distinction as field experts so expecting them to just go to a point of utter subservience to you is both demeaning and ridiculous. It also throws away one of their most valuable assets, their independence and strength of character to be able to tell those they work with when something is wrong without damaging those relationships. This really does go back to the habit of self preservation, in that you don’t just do what that young and inexperienced officer says when your experience tells you, it’s going to get you killed. National security and all, but you are going to at least offer your opinion before leaping off the cliff like a flock of lemmings.

That, however, is what I see in a lot of corporate scenarios I have seen and been a part of… Lemmings. Yes Men. If you all you’re looking for is a government sponsored yesman, you should keep looking. Most veterans won’t accept a place where their input isn’t valued and they shouldn’t. They have valuable knowledge, training and skills. That said, they aren’t going to disrespect you just to let their opinion be known. A military person knows how to use tact, a word I am learning more and more, doesn’t seem to appear in lexicon of most industry professionals. They will try to communicates to you that you may not be making a good choice. That much needs to be expected, so fragile egos need not apply. They are also not so afraid of you as to speak their mind when they have a good idea or think that one of yours could use a second look. They already have self-confidence gained through life experience. This type of mentality is important, but is often squashed by egotistical bosses.



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