Welcome Newsweek Followers and Listeners to Art of Charm!

Hello everyone and welcome to JDT. You’ve probably recently discovered this page thanks to either my recent publication in Newsweek or my appearance on the Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger. That said, happy Veterans Day. I’ve been very blessed this week to be able to put out the message of veteran awareness and I appreciate you taking an interest to check out my site to find out more.

If you would like to know more about me, I’m a writer and blogger who focuses on military and veteran affairs. I often also write on the future trends of military technology as well as communicating veteran perspectives on current conflicts and Middle Eastern Affairs. I am also publishing my first book on the future of warfare next year, so if you’re interested in military fiction with a well researched technology and geopolitics bent, park it here for updates in the months to come.

I publish in various venues across the web, so for anyone who enjoyed seeing what you read or what we talked about on the podcast, or would just like to stay up to date on current projects, I encourage everyone to follow me here by email newsletter or otherwise. Here I keep followers up to date on what I am writing about, where I am being published and where to find what I am working on next. You can also follow me on Quora where I answer on just about anything.

I would also like to add that everything I do from outreach for returning veterans, communicating Middle Eastern disturbances, and writing military fiction, I make available for free, but am supported by volunteer patrons via the crowdsourcing platform Patreon. Patreon is a crowdsourcing website where people can donate on a voluntary basis to artists, writers, musicians, or whatever to create content and be funded on a regular basis. It’s like Kickstarter or GoFundMe except that instead of many people making small donations for one large lumpsum payout, many people donate a small amount to be paid out every month or whenever a content creator publishes something new. It’s not a way to start a company or do one huge project, but instead to keep the creators creating many small pieces that, together, make something really huge. The program lets patrons set monthly limits and creators can give special rewards, such as exclusive content and anything else they can imagine.

I’d like to ask everyone that, if you support the work I’m doing, to pledge through my patreon support page. If you decide to fund me you’ll get special access to works I will be doing in the future as well as bonus content to my books and stories that won’t be published anywhere else. You’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping support military and veteran issue awareness as well as helping me fix my leaky roof. Also know that 20% of my pledges go right back out to funding other veteran artists and entrepreneurs attempting to get started, as well.

That said, welcome aboard JDT. Please explore and tell me what you think. I’ve recently rebuilt the site to make it more relevant and updated. If you see anything you enjoy, please comment and share. Thanks again for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Newsweek Followers and Listeners to Art of Charm!

  1. Hey Jon, Enjoyed your show with Jordan from the Art of Charm. As a fifty year old who recently returned to full time schooling, I wish I had been in your class when you told those children to STFU. I would have stood and applauded. I was so pissed off by the people who didn’t take their education seriously and created distractions from my learning.

    When you were speaking of the fact that only veterans understand other veterans, I wanted to offer a gift which you might find useful. After 20 years of being involved with men’s groups, I wrote of a short set of instructions on how to run a men’s group. It is only a few thousand words and any group of people could follow it with no professional training. If you were to send me an Email, I will send it as an attachment. I don’t want anything for it, You can edit, remove the curse words, change it so the language will speak better to Vets specifically. Everything In it I have learned from other people, So I have no ownership over it.

    Keep up the good work


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