Who Does It Really Hurt When People Fake Military Service?

Why Everyone is Hurt by Military Fakers

I am an honorably discharged Marine with two tours to Iraq and when I look at clowns like this I have to ask myself, “What are you thinking, dude?” I’ll leave it up to any Marines reading this to suppress their rage long enough to point out the numerous errors in this man’s uniform, as well as his judgement. That isn’t the point of this article, though. What I’m more curious about is the question posed here, “What harm do people who fake military service actually cause?” and more to my concerns, “Why exactly do we, as veterans, get so up in arms when idiots brazenly wear our uniforms to receive some false sense of recognition?” While I don’t disagree with most other answers most of us have heard, I do think there is something deeper that ought to be explored in the question. The point of this one is to deal with the question, “Who does it really bother if some moron goes parading down the street pretending to be something they aren’t?” At first it doesn’t seem like much. Vets who have done impressive things should reasonably have enough pride in their achievements that they would brush off someone pretending to be something special. It would seem that way, but in truth, most veterans feel vehement about this, and for good reason. It isn’t just them the practice hurts, but everyone, including you. This next series I will be launching goes into to the mentalities behind it, as well as breaking down how everyone is hurt by the practice. More importantly, we will also be looking at how citizens and the veteran community should respond when cases like this, Stolen Valor, pop up from time to time as they do.

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