My book, I Drew A Monkey in a Math Book now featured for Pivot TV’s Secret Lives of Americans

The book I wrote and published last year I Drew a Monkey in a Math Book and Now I’m Married has been featured for Pivot TV’s Secret Lives of Americans.

I Drew a Monkey and many other original non-fictions by American authors have been selected by Pivot TV to be showcased to promote their new series Secret Lives of Americans on Pivot TV.

I Drew a Monkey in a Math Book and Now I’m Married is the true story of how I met my wife Jennie and our awkward teenage romance that followed. The book began as little more than a simple blog post about what it is like being married at the age of 18 and life 10 years later. As I began to catalog more and more of our story, I realized that what I had written was far more than just a blog post. It was a full chronicle of the the year leading up to when we were married and the precious memories that serve as the genesis of our family’s story. In the end, it was a poor man’s gift to his wife on the morning of their tenth anniversary, dedicated to her and shared with anyone wishing to experience a true teenage romance.

I Drew a Monkey in a Math Book and Now I’m Married includes our personal coming of age story between two lovers on the in the twilight of childhood and adult life.  You’ll see our real life twists of fate, pitfalls and triumphs together, what we learned along the way, and the anecdotes of the misadventures of youth, including, but not limited to a touch of vandalism and the rewards that come with taking risks.

I hope you enjoy the first few pages of our Book of Love. Some of it is transcendental. Some of it’s just really dumb. Check out the full text on Wattpad: I Drew a Monkey in a Math Book and Now I’m Married or follow my other blog The Writer’s Block to get future updates, along with updates to my future works including the upcoming novel on the future of war.

If you’re interested in knowing more about The Secret Lives of Americans read this intro as published by The Observer.

Secret Lives of Americans, a series that gives viewers an up-close and intimate look at individuals’ lives as they expose their innermost secrets to the most important people in their lives. Each episode touches on a different issue — eating disorders, HIV, immigration, food insecurity, student debt, healthcare, and several more.

The series, shot entirely by the subjects themselves, gives viewers an opportunity to experience immersive and intimate documentation, and hear firsthand about the inner turmoil caused by the subjects’ private struggles.  And, while these are personal stories, Secret Lives of Americans sheds light on pressing issues that affect not just the individual highlighted, but a large section of the general population as well.

For all those interested, Secret Lives of Americans can be viewed here: Watch Secret Lives of Americans on Pivot TV (Promoted)

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