Is the USA in the middle of a cold civil war?

Ha. Cold Civil War. That’s actually pretty good.

What we have right now boils down to a regime change. It happens on average every eight years. What was different this time was that one side had an overwhelming amount of control of the media by way of activist intervention from a young population and technocrats with leverage. This caused the news feed to radically alter the way that most people in the country were portrayed (which angered them a lot) and disconnected many on that side with an accurate picture of what was really going on in the country. Of course, it didn’t er on the side of reason, but cast millions of people as illiterate radical racist fascists. Splendid.

Now the situation is that those people, who spent years stirring themselves up into a tizzy about how evil, evil, evil those other guys were, are slowing coming to grips with the reality that they aren’t getting what they want because they were fighting an army of scarecrows. It doesn’t help that they are still constantly spurred on by a news media industry that is struggling to realign to the fact that they have been disconnected from telling the truth and a lot of young people with more energy than understanding, and that people are angry with them for that.

That said, a cold war isn’t really cold war unless that distinction is relative to a war that is hot. In this case, let’s think about what a hot war looks like.

One side has control of the United States government, the military, and the ability to govern the economic strength of the United States. It also has the hearts of the vast majority of conservatives and gun rights advocates, most of whom aren’t in any sort of militia organizations currently, but who would probably be the first to give it a shot if need be. Food for thought, there are nearly as many guns in the United States as there are people, and the NRA consists of only 18% Democrats. Which side of the civil war would you want to fall — the nice guys, or the winners?

The other team, which fancies itself “The Resistance” had a strong “ban-all-guns” agenda only a few months ago. It’s fascinating how no one is laughing at me anymore when I said that the 2nd Amendment was about safeguarding our rights against future tyrants. I bet that’s a tough pill to swallow! Secondly, this group has no unified structure, just a list of things that are “unjust” from the environment to fighting fascism with groups like AntiFa, which in case you don’t know, is short of Anti-Fascists. They’re neat because they fight fascism— by violently beating anyone with different ideas… kind of like actual fascists. The best thing these people have is also their worst enemy, a news media that can’t get its act together, and university social “sciences” departments that are actively teaching them how to resist the legally elected President of the United States (Butler University is now offering a full-on anti-Trump course). Perhaps it would be better if these people focused on actually telling people about pressing events in the world from an unbiased perspective, the value of critical thinking over dogmatic allegiance to Progressive ideology, and maybe decided it was better to prepare young people for the workplace, rather than giving them college credits for participating in anti-Trump marches. Just sayin’, every day more of them are waking up and getting angrier at you than they ever were at me. Oh, and let’s try and figure out who the heroes of “Resistance movement” are: 1) the single greatest sore loser in modern history, 2) an old totes-not-really-a-communist, 3) the world’s most successful con-artist, 4) and a legit traitor with severe mental problems leveraged to con social justice warriors into keeping him from a life in federal prison.

I will say this, though jokingly, but there is extremist activity going on that should concern people. First you have AntiFa, the anti-”fascist” group that literally uses violence to suppress ideas it doesn’t like. They march around in their masks and threatening violence for now, while really just losing debates with much smarter people who can get one to rant to a camera, but it isn’t outside of the historical record to say that they could become actually radicalized by fundamentalist leftism very soon. A very similar climate existed only a few decades ago when the Weathermen Underground created a terror spree lasting some two decades that ended with the bombing of dozens of police stations and attempting to literally start a Neo-Communist revolution.

Ancient history right? Not if you include the firebombing of a North Carolina GOP Office in October.

In October of 2016, this was what the inside of the GOP office in Hillsborough, North Carolina looked like. Outside, a swastika was spray painted with the words “Nazi Republicans leave town or else”. I want to be clear. This is terrorism. This was the violent and premeditated destruction of property in an attempt to to threaten innocent peaceful voters out of the democratic process by politically motivated actors. Terrorism.

I am a veteran of the Iraq War and have written extensively on the effects of terrorism and what it looks like. I was appalled that, in a country so deeply affected by terrorism, that it would become victim to the kinds of violent partisan terror activities which defined the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. And by other Americans no less. It disgusts me that that sort of violence could happen in the United States, and it disgusts me just as much that it could so easily be dismissed and fall out of the public conversation so easily when it, in fact, represented one of the greatest miscarriages of democracy and points of shame in modern American history.

That said, while I take a great amount of pleasure in mocking the actions and even ideals of these momma’s basement dwelling malcontents unfortunate enough to stumble upon a copy of “A People’s History of the United States” or any one of the other works of historical revisions that forget to mention how Marxism always leads to Totalitarianism, they are exactly the type of social rejects stupid enough to become terrorists.

Look, most of the people we were fighting in Iraq were complete morons — “illiterate goat herders” to quote my Iraqi translator. But a few very, very smart real jihadis said the magic words go organize and mobilize these morons to keep that nation in a state of violence long, long after Saddam Hussein’s regime was utterly destroyed. No, we aren’t in a state of “Cold Civil War”. We have a bunch of idiots in “the Resistance” throwing the world’s most publicized and glorified hissyfit, but whenever these morons actually muster up the courage to start committing real violence in the name of their utterly stupid ideals acquired from within a mile wide bubble of self-created ignorance, you can bet I’m going to point the finger of blame on all the rational good Democrats who just looked the other way because, “I don’t believe in how they’re going about it, but they have a point.” They don’t have a point. They have no clue at all what they’re talking about, but they are radicalizing your party far more than Trump’s following is radicalizing mine, so unless you want this answer to not be about jokes… do something about it.

Is the USA in the middle of a cold civil war?

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