Trolls – The Alt Right’s Denial Engine


We have to talk about trolls.

Trolls are people who are master provocateurs. They know how to say the right things that will cause the reaction in others that they want. They are like evil psychologists.

Trolls function in mostly online forums of the internet living out their fantasies through the act of taking joy in angering others. They are fully aware of social norms and values, and actively seek to break taboos for fun. They say the most hateful things imaginable, but don’t actually believe anything they say. They are just trolling you.

That said, the most dangerous thing about them is that they don’t believe anything they say. They might spout out something profound, only to say something enraging and hateful the next. They didn’t mean either of them. They just took delight in the reaction it caused in others. It really is a game. That’s dangerous because when you go into these groups, you can’t know if you are dealing with something that is actually real commentary or someone using incendiary language to pull others into a fight.

What makes this group important is that they know how to get attention. They literally share psychology notes, tactics, and techniques to get as much attention to their troll as is humanly possible without getting caught. Being that they don’t actually believe most of what they say, they serve as great sources of gaslighting any group the media feels they represent. Their adolescent hate speech appears in the comments section of virtually every web page and this is then used to paint everyone from the Alt Right, Trump Supporters, Conservatives, Republicans, and even many groups on the Left, as hateful people.

They are the internet’s stage 4 cancer.

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