My New Book – Rust and Bones

For those of you who enjoyed my series on surviving the apocalypse, I’ve written hypothetical inspired an ebook novella – Rust and Bones.

Rust and Bones

Forty years after a global apocalypse, four hundred survivors fight off extinction. When their convoy of salvaged trucks and scrap parts rolls into yet another temporary home, what they find may mean the end of their desperate nomadic way of life forever. If they leave, they will face a slow death on the road, but they stay, it could mean annihilation to the murderous marauders who inhabit the valley. Torn between their military commander’s quest for the safety of his people and the First Matron’s desire for a real home, they will face brutal choices and sacrifice in their struggle for the fate of those they lead. Will they fight or will they “Hide and stay alive”? Will either choice bring peace and an end to their exodus, or will they forever wander a wasteland of rust and bones?

If you’re into apocalypse fiction and have been a fan of my military answers in the past, I invite you to enjoy my new book over the Thanksgiving Weekend. You can purchase your copy for $5.99 here: Rust and Bones eBook: Jon Davis: Kindle Store

I’ll also be answering questions about the book next week, so if you have any questions about Rust and Bones (2017 book).

***To my Patreon Patrons – If you’re one of my Patreon patrons, don’t worry about purchasing a copy. If you check your messages from me via the patreon messaging system, you’ll see a link to a pdf of the book. Like with all my works, this is a free bonus to say thank you to the people who make it possible for me to keep writing. If you’d like to support and get access to free rewards like these, as well as keep me writing, please visit my Patreon Support Page to learn how. All donations greatly appreciated!

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