Why is Milo Controversial?

He is controversial because that is his career. He considers himself a provocateur, even outright saying that very explicitly. Milo’s views are that of a right-wing populist. They don’t fit well with conservative theory but align well with the Right in regard to many of the arguments happening today. In politics, he does this by coming to any debate very equipped with a very in-depth knowledge of the subjects he’s studying and the positions he wants to defend, or rather, the position he wants to decimate. More often than not, that is the intent of any talk or lecture he has, to utterly humiliate the opposition. He does this with a mix of good research and caustic one-liners. He’s vulgar, crass, and unapologetic, but deniably intellectual and well prepared and if you share any of his views… entertaining.

For that, he’s earned a large following.

That said, he’s been a very verbile critic of intersectional feminism, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Islam, among a host of other left-wing positions. For that, he is utterly despised by many left-wing advocates, and given the outrage he creates, as well as an ability to convincingly win arguments, many have tried to silence such sentiment in the past. Ergo, he became a de facto champion of Free Speech. He’s probably a good face for whatever “New Social Libertarians” might look like. He’s also been accused of being Alt-Right, who he has repeatedly disavowed, but given how nowadays everyone to the political Right of Bernie Sanders is an Alt-Right white supremacist, the accusations fall flat. That said, early in his rise, he did court many who would later fall in with the Alt-Right and during the time when the Alt-Right had grown far beyond their core group of actual white supremacists, he was at least warm to those who did not hold the more hateful intolerant views. That said, since events such as Charlottesville, he has restated his early disavowal of the Alt-Right.

His identity is also an element of his story. As a flamboyantly gay man, he stuck out as odd a speaker for the Right. Still, his style of unapologetically and mercilessly going after Left Wing agendas bought him a favorable following of even the most traditional conservatives. Moreso, he showed that many stereotypes about the Right’s foaming hatred of gays, in their absolute most “fabulous” of manifestations to be wildly untrue.

He also has attracted disrepute with the establishment Right, as much of his rhetoric is also directed toward Republicans who he views as having failed the needs of their electorate in fighting back against a tied of Leftist progressivism. That said, he’s controversial and has bought himself more than a few enemies on all sides.

This probably leads well into the big controversy of the last year, where he was forced to resign as an editor of Breitbart and lost his lucrative book deal for his book “Dangerous”. If I’m being honest, that appeared to be an astroturfed smear campaign, as the fact that it was a year ago seem to have revealed that what he did doesn’t add up to the damage that he endured.

The controversy came from a Joe Rogan interview he did where he talked about a party he attended years before. It was a Yacht party where several Hollywood celebrities were present. Milo described the event and that there were several of the celebs accompanied by young boys, pointing to the open secret of massive pedophilia happening in Hollywood. This can be seen in the recent events surrounding Kevin Spacey.

Why I say it was an astroturfed event is that a year later the recording was unearthed and then the accusation came out where Milo was accused of “protecting the pedophiles”, because he wouldn’t name who he saw. After that, his career with Breitbart was over, who had been more or less funding his talks and making it possible for him have his status.

I say I have problems with that not because I am a diehard fan of his work. I do like some of his talks, but I am much more a fan of people like Ben Shapiro. What I have problems with is that people knew this story about Milo for more than a year before it “broke”. It happened on the very popular Joe Rogan show, who is a popular YouTube personality and podcast. Many, many people saw that show. Secondly, the narrative surrounding the incident is odd. He was supposed to turn these people in, but they are very powerful Hollywood celebs and he has absolutely no proof other than his word. This was also before #MeToo, which brought to light just as powerful many celebs and power players in Hollywood are, so to expect Milo to be capable of doing anything about it, sorry, he couldn’t. Lastly, the narrative exploded out of nowhere. Anytime you see many, many diverse outlets suddenly put out an almost identical piece all pointing one source and the narrative that source tells usually means some form of collusion with an implied agenda. That is what is known as astroturfing a story. Here, the agenda was to bury him.

The group that began the campaign is also suspicious in this, but I won’t speak on that as I don’t know it to be true, but I’ll let you look it up yourselves.

That said, he’s now linked to pedophilia through the strangest of avenues and as far as I can tell, his career has been severely set back. We’ll see if anything sticks and if we’ll hear from again.

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