Less is More

One solution jumps out at me when I think about what can be done to save Oklahoma education.

Cut the regulations! Cut the tests. Stop screwing with the standards. In fact, cut them all together for a while. Honestly, give teachers a break for five freaking years so that not all of them want to flee the state leaving only the worst behind. Make it the job of the principals to decide who is a good educator for a while. It can’t honestly be as bad as what we have now. I say that honestly, it will do good. Will it improve the pay that teachers receive? Not a bit, but in Oklahoma, it will make their lives not suck so much. And teaching is a rewarding profession. I know, I miss it, but you can’t make no money, work long hours, and have a terrible life. It’s just too much. Deregulation.

Less is more.

That said, focusing just on the teachers misses the diagnosis. It’s a statewide problem. I honestly live in terror of what our security situation is like if it is as bad for the prison system and other state offices if it is as bad as it is for the teachers. Teachers are the most obvious symptom of a much bigger series problem, but the hollowing out of our most important industry is the cause. We simply don’t have enough jobs in the Oklahoma economy to support our government, which includes the schools.

This is part of a series on Education in Oklahoma:

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