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Thank you for checking out the Jons Deep Thoughts support page. Everything I write is completely independent writing, from the essays and articles, to the stories, both real and fiction. By independent, I mean that I receive no sponsorship to write and everything is completely free to readers.

I’m very happy that I can offer everything I do completely for free with the support of followers and the crowdsourcing site Patreon. Patreon is a new crowdfunding platform created by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam. It allows artists to obtain funding from patrons on a recurring basis or per artwork. If you would like to know more you can check out my campaign video at the end of this page.

This is an absolutely no obligation deal. All my content is free and always will be, so long as I can keep going. I’ll still keep writing, but would like your help to make sure that it lives up to what I want my name attached to. If you don’t want to give monetarily please, also show your support also by sharing and promoting content I share on this site.

I’m really excited to start this new chapter in my writing career and hope that all of you will join me as patrons, supporters, fans, and friends. If you’d like help me do that and support my efforts, please visit my patreon campaign here: Support Jon Davis creating Short Stories and essays in Military, Science Fiction and Life

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One thought on “Become a Patron of JDT

  1. Hi Jon Im new tou your sites & posts & I posted this on War Elephants YouTube
    Absolutely so well put & received Definitely opens up a perspective of thought. Seems like these posts are comments are from some time ago so not sure if you’re still getting the comments .I found you & Murphy Barrett on Quora this morning with your posting of Kneeling for the American Flag. I’m glad I found you. Hope you’re still doing this & I will check out Patreon and other sites if yours

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