Training – What Can Business Learn from the Military

 What Can Business Learn from the Military

Enduring Freedom/Operation Marjah/Operation Moshtarak

What Can Business Learn from the Military is an essay I wrote for a question on the website Quora. It focuses on what, in my experience, is the greatest problem that business has today which the military has a very ingrained solution. As a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps with two tours in Iraq and having worked in the tech startup scene, retail sales, and real estate, mostly in operational roles, either as an owner or in a manager’s role I feel that others would benefit from my point of view. So far, it’s also been shared on’s website, so hopefully you’ll find it interesting, as well.

The following links focus on some of the various ways in which the military utilizing training in it’s different forms to accomplish mission readiness.

By Chapter:


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