Military and Veteran Life

Much of my writing has been dedicated to explaining what the military is like to civilians who ask. Explaining why the military, my Marine Corps specifically, does all the crazy things they do, is where I got my start. Collected here are collections of my very best write-ups on the subjects of the military, military life and what’s it life after the DD-214.


Military Pages – More than you ever wanted to read relating to being in the military.

What is the Logic to Why Military Boot Camp is so Intense?


Ever wonder why the Military, and the Marine Corps in particular, are so extreme in their training of young recruits? What is the Logic? is a collection of articles that explain, at least in part, what happens at boot camp and more importantly, why. It explains the subtle events, the all important rites of passage and the psychological engineering that goes into one of the most notorious and mysterious training environments on the planet.

What Lessons can People Learn from Being in a War?

Jon Davis while stationed in Al Taqqadum, Iraq 2007.What lessons can People Learn from Being in a War breaks down several of key experiences that will fundamentally change a person after having gone through it themselves. This post is written after my own experiences in Iraq and from others I knew. I wrote it after being requested to by the Huffington Post to address several of the misconceptions tied to warrior experience. Hopefully the views shared will open up others to what war is really like.

How do I train myself like a Navy SEAL?

Navy SEAL Team Six - 2

Here, we discuss how it is really, really hard to be a SEAL and why there is no shortcut to their experience. Interesting article for anyone who has ever been asked, “How can I train to be like a SEAL, without actually training like the SEALs or ever planning to do their mission?”

Who Does It Really Hurt When People Fake Military Service?

main-qimg-5d591a32ac5a8e3bd99e81acdde81437This is everything you have ever needed to hear about how people who fake military service hurt everyone including the veterans, both through stolen benefits and by screwing up our image in society, not to mention society in general. It also gives a guide for what to do and how to deal with these poor unfortunate souls.

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