Defense Politics

The recent documentary The November War asks the question, “Do you believe a warrior ever truly comes back from war, or will a part of him always remain there?” I don’t think you ever really can. A part of your thoughts will always be tied to that place. Whatever goes on there, you feel involved. You feel like your decisions there, what you were involved in, mattered and that they matter today. Since I went to Iraq, my thoughts have always followed it closely and I feel I’ve gained a lot of insights on the Middle Eastern conflicts, which many people seem to enjoy hearing. Turns out, you kind of have to be intrinsically obsessed about just to being to piece together all that is going on over there. Collected here, are some of the JDT articles and answers which might interest others in the fields of US Politics and Middle Eastern affairs.

US Politics – Posts concerning the US politics and their effects across the world

Middle Eastern affairs – Staying up to date with the neverending storm of new developments “over there”.

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