Google Employees Blacklisting Conservative Peers

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The context of this is an Inc article which states that Google is not specifically blacklisting conservatives as much as there are a documented number of Google employees and managers who are internally blacklisting fellow employees from working as part of teams with them.

From the article Google’s Other Ugly Secret: Some Managers Keep Blacklists

… An unknown number of Google managers maintain blacklists of fellow employees, evidently refusing to work with those people. The blacklists are based on personal experiences of others’ behavior, including views expressed on politics, social justice issues, and Google’s diversity efforts.

Inc. reviewed screenshots documenting several managers attesting to this practice, both in the past and currently, explicitly using the term “blacklist.”

It also states, to reiterate, that this isn’t condoned by Google officially.

A Google spokesperson told Inc. that the practice of keeping blacklists is not condoned by upper management, and that Google employees who discriminate against members of protected classes will be terminated. It’s not clear whether that principle applies in Damore’s case. Although political affiliation is a protected class according to California labor law, the views expressed in the manifesto and echoed by others who oppose political correctness do not seem to merit legal protection.

That should be enough information to place this in a proper frame of reference, as the question itself is a little misleading.

The question with what most of the Right usually thinks comes down to whether or not we agree that a business has a right to do whatever it wants. I would fall into that camp, however, I believe in the law that is already set forth and that companies have an obligation to follow that law. California law treats political affiliation as a protected class, therefore, being that we’re now seeing employees fired for “views that are inconsistent with the mainstream”, as the article puts it, then we are dealing with a question of if Google need to rethink its internal positions before it starts suffering some major legal problems. We also need to contend with the fact that Google itself isn’t the one acting in a partisan discriminatory manner by refusing to hire based on partisan lines, but rather, it’s employees coordinating internally to discriminate other employees by way of denying them access to projects or future promotion opportunities.

So I have to ask where the line is. The law is the law, and while most Conservatives or Libertarians might argue whether a law should exist, they agree that a law that is in the books is to be honored. This is especially true of the Conservatives as a major vein of Conservatism is respect for the law as without it, society descends into anarchy. The question comes in whether the employees have crossed the line in blacklisting people for holding Conservative views and more so than this, if Google itself is to be held as complicit with this discrimination on grounds of being unresponsive to the continued behavior of their employees to systematically limit the potential of its employees who have dissenting opinions.

As far as what do Conservatives think, obviously it sucks. There is a growing body of evidence that Silicon Valley culture has an intolerance to anything which fails to fall in-line with it’s Progressive Technocratic culture. While rarely do we see explicit intolerance stated by the companies, we do see numerous times where individual employees or even teams have the ability to exercise their intolerance over crucial elements of various products, such as manipulating Google’s pagerank, the Facebook feed, or Twitter’s trending topics. Given the overwhelming power these companies have over daily life, and the dominance of what appears to be a monocultural atmosphere with expressed amity with the rest of the country, I’m wondering if the tech bubble is going to burst when words like “anti-trust” start being raised more seriously. Companies who don’t take this form of expressed ideological intolerance seriously, such as Google with their blacklists, may see a day where they meet the fate of companies like Standard Oil.

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Got to Get Started Somewhere.

So I decided to write a blog. You are probably here because you have been lured to my site by one of my very interesting and informative articles and have decided to join my legion of loyal followers. Or perhaps you are just really, really bored. In any case thank you for giving me your time instead of googleing “Why do white people…” or watching a Youtube video about the latest Flash Mob in Mumbai. I hope I didn’t just lose everyone to looking those two up.

Before you decide on leaving or continuing on let’s get to know a little bit more about me and the things you will be reading should you continue to follow my continuing downward spiral of a thought pattern.

I am a neo-traditionalist. I think that completely throwing away some of the old ways is wrong. Some of our best ideas have been around for a long time and aren’t quite ready to be thrown out just yet. I did say neo though so I want to see some evolution. Let’s see our old traditions evolve to fit a new era. I want to see change in many things, in our ideas and in the way we do things.

That’s a little intentionally vague. To get down to it, I am entrepreneur just getting started, I got married two weeks after high school and haven’t stopped since, did my time in the U.S. Marines and have been indelibly scarred with deep patriotism. Getting my degree didn’t solve that. Though many young college students take that time to “realize” how our conservative capitalistic society is evil, the real world had already gotten to me. I like our way of life and the society that makes it possible. I am a Christian of Southern Baptist background, but disagree with many of the viewpoints that my fellow Christians have developed over time. If I identify usually with a political party it is Republican, but I see myself as a Libertarian. That doesn’t mean I think any one group is always right. I think education is one of the most important legacies we can pass on. I wish for everyone to get their finances in order and my wife coupons fantastically and I love her even more for it. I am a pretty big tech nerd. I am a bit of an insomniac and lastly I think too much. This is a deadly combination that has affected me in ways I will never escape, gave me time to come to some conclusions others don’t.  Now I feel the uncontrollable need to share them with you.

So that is it in a nutshell. That little paragraph will probably sum up every post I make from here on out. Hopefully you will follow me and enjoy the trip.